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We are a systematic hedge fund solving problems through a quantitative approach. Led by experienced professionals, we have established ourselves as a presence in the industry. Our strategies trade various assets such as equities, fixed income, commodities and more. Result oriented, we continuously refine our approaches and adapt to changing market dynamics to ensure the success of our trades. At Elequin Capital, we value trust, transparency, and clear communication, and build partnerships based on these principles. By tailoring our strategies to align with client needs, we foster relationships that lead to mutual success.


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Our resolute dedication to clients, communities, and upholding our shared values

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Our engineering team plays a crucial role in every aspect of our business. They work closely with investment teams and professionals from different domains to create a diverse range of trading strategies. Their responsibilities include building custom research tools and developing state-of-the-art platforms that enable the real-time distribution of vast amounts of market data. With their expertise, we ensure seamless functionality and success in our endeavors in the financial markets.

Quantitative Research

Our quantitative research team utilizes the power of data to discover profitable market opportunities. Through computation and simulations, our team of quantitative analysts extract valuable insights from datasets. Their expertise and analytical skills shape our strategies, providing us with a competitive advantage. They participate in the development of automated trading systems. By harnessing data-driven intelligence, our quantitative research team plays a crucial role in our success in the ever-changing financial landscape.


Our investing team generates innovative ideas, consistently delivering superior performance regardless of market conditions. They leverage their understanding of the markets to modify strategies and seize opportunities. With a rigorous approach to research and analysis, they set new standards for success in investing.

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